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Selocial connects you with friends, photos, music, live events, and news.
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If you are interested in partnering with Selocial for your Event, Brand, or Company. Please contact us at and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.
Do You Create Music?
Very soon we will be opening our services directly to those that create music. You will be able to Master your music through our Partner Landr and release it directly to your fans through the Selocial Platform. We are bringing value back to the music creators. Taking it back to the days when album artwork and sleeves added value. With our Selocial time-based Slideshow, Artists will have the opportunity once again to bring value to their release. Many streaming services have watered down the value of the artist and we are determined to bring it back. With our patent pending time-based platform we will bring control back to the music creators.

At the same time we are giving an innovative and social approach to the release and market of a record where the the music, which is loved by fans, can be added to their own photos. By truly integrating the music into a fan's everday photos we create a discoverability for an artist or band that is unprecedented. Welcome to the future of music. Sign Up to Selocial today and create your profile and add "Music Creator" under "settings" and "info" field. We will give you an opportunity to add music to your account in the coming weeks as we contnue to develop our platform.
Why Use Selocial?
Think of Selocial when you want to create your ultimate mixtape moment. No uploading or downloading. Just simply select "Create". Add the Photo(s), and Search the online database. We harness the power of SoundCloud for you to help with all your music needs!
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  • Personal Playlists
  • Slideshows
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  • Life Moments
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  • Share Your Slideshow Playlists

  • Discover New Music.

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  • Introduce New Artist & Bands to Us
  • Share Your Discoveries on Social Networks
  • Use Your Photo to Find Music
  • Add Music to Your Photo as Artist/ DJ/ Band Play Live
  • Check out the Live Event Video Streams(coming Soon)

  • Add Music to Your Photo(s) Instantly.

  • Add the Music You Want
  • Create a Slideshow with Music
  • Just Let it Play
  • Play the Music on Slideshow Mode
  • Add up to 25 photos for each Mix Stream
  • Create Mix Streams for Workouts, Roadtips, Birthdays or any other Life Moment

  • Exclusive Event Channels & Streams.
    Selocial brings you exclusive access to event channels through photos with stories, slideshows, music, news and video streams (coming soon). Whether it is Extreme Tech Challenge and Mai Tai moments from Richard Branson's Necker Island, Extreme Tech Challenge in Vegas, Movement Detroit Music Festival, or partnered channels from influential bloggers and press covering these events. Selocial will help give coverage on a new media platform like no other company can.
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